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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Testimonials Updated On 13/06/09

Hi Dear,juz wanna say thanks for the good service that you give to my fren that I recommended. She was very pleased with ur service. Keep up the good job ~ Jen & Melissa on Britney's Midnight Fantasy, Diesel Fuel For Life, F By Ferragamo, JPG Madame, Armani Code Men, L'Eau D Issey Miyake and Polo Explorer (09/06/09)

Hi Babe, I have received the top on Thursday :) It's very nice! Love the colors and fitting! Many thanks for the good deal!Wud buy from you again! Cheers ~ Agnes on Pre-Loved 09 (13/06/09)

Hi, This maybe came a lil bit too late but I'm droppin' by to let you know that I love the top. Guess what?? I've been stopped by a stranger the other days on the mall asking where did I purchased it from? haha :D ;D I can only said, "it's from online and is not available anymore ;(" Can't forget bout it! Make me smile til now ;) ~ Tasha on Pre-loved 11 (06/06/09)

Got it! Its nice!! Can fit all my junks into it! lol..Loving it!~ Joanna on Marc Jacobs Tote Bag (05/06/09)

Hi Carlia, Ive received the perfume yesterday..very nice packing & hope to deal with u again...hehehe..Anything will let you know ~ Anita on CKIn 2U (03/06/09)

Babe, got the items.. Wanna thank you for being so generous.Lurve your stuffs. Will sure add you to my favourite list! :D ~Eunice on CK Euphoria, Paco Rabbane One Million and VS Behind The Scenes Tote Bag 02/06/09

hi! I already received ya, Thanks =)~ Linda on Paris Hilton Just Me 02/06/09

Good Morning,i just received it (; thanks ^^ its in good condition. And it smells lovely. Thank you! ~SinYee on Kate Moss Perfume 02/06/09

Hola There.. Receive the perfume yesterday..really really love it..very nice smell indeed ..looking 4ward to deal wif u again...8) ~ Qumang on Jlo Love at first Glow and Jlo Live Luxe 30/05/09

Hi Dear, Received the perfume yesterday. Really love the perfume, definetely will purchase from you again. Regards~Fernnie on Britney Curious 20/05/09

hye there item arrived! thanks :) hope to purchase from you again....~ Atikah N. on CK Be 19/05/09

Dah dapat perfume...Thanks ~ Ika on YSL Babydoll 19/05/09

Hi dear!
Yes i did =) I was in Penang yesterday and i just came back this evening =)
The bag is gorgeous =D thank you so much ^.^~SJT on Marc Jacobs Tote 16/05/09

I've received the perfumes yesterday.Love it to bits. thanks - Cynthia on CK euphoria, Escada Moon Sparkles, LAMB 04/05/09

i m lovin' it :))Thanks - Carolyn on Marc Jacobs Tote 16/05/09

i have received the bag babe...love it!thanks! - Adeline on Marc Jacobs Tote 15/05/09

Hi, thanks, i dah dapat semua perfume, kotak pon still cantik lg, sukaaaa~ thanks! will buy from u again n again - Fatin on Incanto Heaven, CKin2u, Davidoff Cool Water 06/05/09

Hello, Got my items today.The bag is excellent & I absolutely love the perfume (: Thanks 4 being so friendly! Will certainly deal with u again- Alice C. on Coach Bag and Sean John Unforgivable on 30/04/09

Hullo! i jst received the parcel today! just collected it from the hostel's office. nicely packed, beautifully wrapped. the bag, i have to say, is superb! i thought it would be a little bigger but the size's wonderful. not too big not too small. the handle's short as well, safe. at least not so easy to be snatched. oh ! and the magnet close top, hahah easy for mum to reach into things, she never zips her bag anyway.now just waiting for time when i go back to my hometown and give it to mum! for me to travel to ipoh from melaka is pretty far, so i hardly see her. she'll definitely loves it!thank you so so much for everything! =)-Alison C 10/04/09 on A. Hindmarch Python Hobo

I didn't realised moonsparkle's part of the miniature too! What a surprise! Thank you sooooo much!! Loved it!-Dian 08/04/09 on Escada Miniature Set

Hey, hun! Just collected the parcel today from the Pos Laju office. :)Thank you so much.Very well wrapped. :) Looking forward to dealing with you again. =)-Xash 03/04/09
on Hugo Boss Xy

Received the lovely bag! thanks!-June 08/03/09
on VS Logo Bag

Hey girl , i got the bag tody, =) thanks a lot ,loving the bag=)-
Janice 24/03 on VS logo bag

Hi Dear,Just to let u know that I have received the bag today at 2.30pm ya..many thanks, saya beli ya..Rgds-
Amra 24/01 on VS Logo Bag

I have received the bag,so gorgeous-Amra 15/03 on VS Logo Weekender

Hey babe..just drop by to say thanks for the lovely perfume which i rcv last Saturday –Cnedra 24/02 on Lolita Lempicka

Dear, i ve received the perfume..i m so happy...yeyayyyy...-
Cnedra 17/03 on SJP Lovely

Hi,Got the wristlet already yesterday!Thanks so much, it's very pretty!Cheers-Rachel 05/03 on VS pink wristlet

Dear, Hi. I just received the wristlet today and it's great. Deal with u other time :)Warmest Regards-Sharon 04/03Hye dear.received already~LOVE it .Thanx ya~~_Natelia 24/02 on VS pink wristlet

I got it.thanks!-Yong 19/02 on VS Logo Bags

Hey, i have just received the bag.really like it.thx a lot =) –S.W Chong 17/02 on VS Logo Bags

Dear ,Hi. I just received the wristlet today and it's great. It's sad to hear that u're sick. Take good care and drink more water. No worries about the posting, I'm ok with it. Deal with u other time :))Warmest Regards,-Sharon on VS Pink Wristlet

Hi there! I've just received the bag and it is super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –Sharon 17/02 on VS Logo Bag

Hi! Got your postage - thanks a bunch!! It was certainly nice dealing with you :) :) Will definitely look you up if I want to buy more. Thanks again! – Jaclyn C 04/02 Burberry Brit Sheer

Received the perfume already..love it! thanks..hopefully there'll be new items in the future! i'm definitely gonna be in touch with you again soon..-Yuslina B. -20/01 on E. Arden 5th Avenue

Babe, i've received the perfumes already. thanks a lot yea :) all the miniatures u suggested smells veeery good. thanks :Dlooking forward to deal with u again in the future ;D you're the best and very helpful perfume seller i've ever came across to :P tq again for the best and friendly service! ^^ hope to see u soon. bye :D –Fagha Lahh -14/01 on Midnight Fantasy, LAMB, Anna Sui Night Of Fancy,Incanto Shine

Hey, you're being so kind. Appreciate so much. Cheers – Hj C 07/01 on Burberry Weekend

Hey girl! its me again. wanna thnk u for the perfume once again. :) I feel comfortable dealin with you – Yin,Lexie 05/01 on Davidoff Adventure

Hey there. yeah, i've received it. thanks!!! sorry for the late reply!! – T Sha 25/12 on Incanto Charms

Hi! im really really curious (in fact, im jealous) on where u get ur perfumes stocks!! the prices r WOW!!!im sry... i know u probably wont tell me, but i cant stop myself! i'll regret if i at least do not even try 2 ask u..well, hope 2 hear from u soon? =S – Florence 06/12

I've receive the pfume.hey babe, you're so nice to deal with.hope to buy from you again, next time!:)p/s: i left a comment under SJP's post – Yoyoe Reddish 26/11 on SJP Lovely

Yea yea thanks!!- S. Aida @Leeza 30/10 on Bvlgari Aqua

Received the perfume. Its indeed original .Looking forward to deal with u again in the future :) –Janet,02/12 on Ralph Cool

Babe, ur perfumes are truly AUTHENTIC & I'm one satisfied customer=) to all doubters, hv no doubts. Too good to be true but, yes, it's true! MazzAbdul 04/12 on Incanto Charms and Bvlgari Aqua

Hi hun,I received your package yest. Thank you. It was beautifully packaged. No cracks. Hahahaha! Thank you. Will order more from you soon. Heheheh!Love,Shanny – 14/10 on Dunhill Desire Blue

Hey babe.received it already.thanks a lot – Sarah A. 30/09 on Bvlgari Aqua

Hi.. Just arrived..TQ.. any order i'll let me know..-Anita on CKin2u on 29/09

Hey! Yeap, I just received it. Thanks! :)- Sabrina Loh 29/09 Aigner Too Feminine

Just got my britney spears belive today...thanks for being so efficient!nicely wrapped plus it had bubble wrap!!!like the way yu packacged ym chge too - Ying YK 18/11 on Britney Believe