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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things You Need To Know...

Hello all =)

First of all, I would like to wish all of you "A Very Happy New Year ". May this coming new year will bring u a many wonderful events to your life =)

Sorry for the lack of updates and also the slow replies on the emails. Been running here and there this whole month.

Just a little info I want to share with all of you.Some of you guys and girls might have been misunderstood the difference between perfumes miniature and perfumes vial. As to clear the confusion here's some info for ya..


Perfumes miniature is a mini version of the big sizes perfume. It comes with the exact bottle shape and original box just like the big sizes perfume only it is a way cuter as it is much more smaller =) The content is between 3ml-15ml depending on the brands. Many peoples like to collect miniatures because of the cute shape of the bottles.


While vial is also known as perfume sample. It normally comes with a perfume cards and the sizes is between 1.0ml-2.0ml. The content is normally half or 3 quarter of the stated sizes. It is either a dab-on or spray.
Hope this info will help. So,the next time u wanna purchase, u already know what u are buying =)